Episode Seven: Lofi Beats Radio August 04, 2017

This is the Seventh episode of Lofi Beats Radio, where the host and LoFi Hip Hop producer, Andre Ramone shares a LoFi Hip Hop mix featuring some of his favorite tracks by artists such as Melocat and Charlie ToØ Human.

The artists featured in the mix are as follows:

1. Inglorious RIC - Arabic Springs

2. [.ywc.] - STREETLIGHTS

3. Krptic Unknown - The Price Is Eh (Krptic Reboot)

4. stln|drms - water

5. A Foreign Path - Lost|Time

6. happi - Green- from 17 
July beat tape [Summer Beat Tape vol 3]

7. Sèr - Lift Of

8. whysp. - responsibilities

9. letsruntrack - IRC Lofi Hip Hop Loop

10. i am rjd2 - Smoke & Mirrors

11. charlie toØ human - happyfunkydiscolove

12. melocat - Anything Was Possible

13. mathias - dépit

14. ¥UME - YUMExRoss h. - N A K A M A

15. joji - joji x shamana - BESIDJU

16. elijah who - don't worry about me,, i'll probably be fine

Contact: lofibeatsradio@gmail.com

Podcast Feed: https://archive.org/download/LofiBeatsRadioEpisodeSeven80417/Lofi%20Beats%20Radio%20Episode%20Seven-%208-04-17.mp3


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